Souldaze Collection

Souldaze collection is created in 2015 by Domitilla Mattei, a former Interior designer with a love for fashion. Since 2013 she has been in the fashion industry as swimwear designer, to then evolve in her own ready to wear brand.

The idea is to bring conscious fashion from high quality materials and manufacturing, to offer limited edition collections.

Combining the latest fashion trends to an ethically correct production process, the aim is to have a low impact on the environment by reducing the processes of the fashion industry and favoring natural fabrics.

All our garments are designed and manufactured locally in Rome by a passionate team of expert seamstresses who love what do. All the fabrics used to create our garments are natural fiber, recycled fiber, surplus or vintage fabrics.


All our packaging is made from recycled paper products and where we can’t find a packaging that suits our sustainable standard we avoid it!
Almost 80% of our suppliers are local, all the rest are based in Italy.